What Causes Belly Fat To Be So Stubborn

The question that we get asked all the time is: What Causes Belly Fat To Be So Stubborn. Why doesn’t it want to seem to burn away like other fat. There are people that tell us they work out 2 times per day and have seriously restricted calorie diets, yet they still can seem to burn away that stomach fat.

Why Is Stomach Fat Hard To Burn?

The answer is that it is not the layer of fat over the stomach that makes it so hard to burn. It is the toxins that are stored in that fat layer that make it so difficult. The body is hardwired to do what it can to eliminate toxins. However, today’s world including the foods we eat, the air we breathe and just about everything else that we come into contact with the body’s filtering system has to filter out these toxins. Many times it is an overload. So where does the body store these toxins if the body doesn’t or can’t eliminate them. It stores them in fat and primarily belly fat.

Why Is Belly Fat Dangerous?

You will often head your doctor say that you need to lose the fat in stomach but he won’t mention fat anywhere else. This is because this fat sits so close to your major organs and it carries the most toxins out of all the fatty areas in your entire body. That makes it a ticking time bomb with regards to your health.

How Do You Get Rid of This Toxic Tummy Fat?

Simple detoxify the fat!!! If you do this then the body will have no problems whatsoever burning this fat. Experts believe that toxin loaded fat is up to 20x harder to burn that regular fatty deposits. This goes for cellulite as well since cellulite is clumps of toxic fatty deposits.

How Do You Detoxify So That It Easily Burns?

The best way is with Home Body Wrap kits or Belly Mud. The most Potent is the 5-15 Body Wrap. You Can look that up online or You Can Get Belly Mud. Belly Mud not only goes after the toxins but it also is a serious skin tightening treatment! You will notice big results with regards to losing that visceral fat in your stomach!


Loose Skin On Your Stomach – Check Out This Treatment

When it comes to losing weight many people find out that they are sucessful, lok great and feel great except they ending having more loose skin than they had hoped for. We are going to tell you some of the things that you can do to prevent and help loose skin that is caused by weight loss, pregnancy, muscle expansion and of course aging.

What Causes Loose Skin & What Can You Do To Prevent Sagging Altogether?

Loose skin is caused not when the skin is stretched. The cause is when the skin is stretched and it does not have the ability to contract back up to its normal state. When my wife was pregnant with her first child I was heavily into formulating cosmetic creams, lotions etc for many of the larger companies around. There were a couple of ingredients that I found out to be magic ingredients in my mind. Whenever I formulated with these ingredients the customer reviews amazing with regards to preventing and tightening loose skin. I am going to tell you what some of those ingredients are right now!

#1 – if you are going to have a baby, maybe you just found out that you are pregnant then there are a few ingredients are must haves. The first in an ingredient that is referred to as omega 3′s. However, in this case the source of the omega 3 is vital (fish oil does nt work) and also you should note that topical application works better than taking a supplement. The omega 3 that works best is Emu Oil. Now, understand that not all emu oils are created equally. You will want an emu oil that is creamy. There are two types: creamy and golden. Make sure to get the creamy. You do not want any preservatives in the oil except for vitamin e and a little jojoba oil. Both of these will preserve the oil.

A quick note: When it comes to emu oil it a natural oil and considered edible. It will not interfere with pregnancy in any way. Do stay away from the emu oils that have added ingredients. We offer the creamy, pure emu oil for those would like to purchase. We spent 3 years finding the very best source.

Also note that emu oil ins’t just great for preventing loose skin, skin tears such stretch marks, it is also great for healing loose skin anywhere on the body.

The next ingredient is Rhassoul Clay. Once again this is a very natural based ingredient. The skin firming properties of this clay are phenomenal. It showed results almost instantly. However, Rhassoul has the ability to firm over the short term but also over the long term. Belly Mud uses several skin firming belly clays that other products on the market do not. This is primarily because of the cost of these clays. They can get very expensive when the original high, quality clays are used.

Belly Offers Super Effective Skin Firming to go along with its Belly Slimming ability! Check it out! Some people use Belly Mud just to firm and tighten their stomach skin.